Saturday, 3 November 2012

"Zapata vive" echoed in front of the Mexican embassy

With chants "Zapata vive, la lucha sigue!" and "El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!" a group of supporters of the Zapatistas gathered to protest in front of the Mexican embassy against the repressions on the communities in resistance carried out in the last few months. The protesters demanded end of the attacks and release of the political prisoners jalied by the Bad Government.
"Our words are our weapon and the our bullets are flying towards Mexico in this moment" said Petar Stanchev from the Zapatista Solidarity Group - Essex. "We are here for the light of tomorrow, for a world in which many worlds fit, for a world where capitalism doesn't threaten us with complete destruction and being indigenous, homosexual, migrant or woman is not a crime". The protest was part of the global campaign "Worldwide Echo in support of the Zapatistas".

In addition, numerous solidarity groups from London such as the Tawantinsuyo Nation group and the Yosoy132 cellulé group took part in the demonstration in support of the recently attacked zapatista communities. Alberto, from the Yosoy132 reminded us of Subcomandante's Marcos words on the indigenous struggle and the recognition of the Other as an equal. Amaru from Tawantinsuyo Nation spoke about the importance of our indigenous roots and identity in the struggle for world recognition and economic redistribution, as well as the liberation from our colonized mentalities and the eurocentric ideas that we have about the justice.

A petition, signed by hundreds of Zapatista supporters was handed to the embassy with a clear message condemning the paramilitary attacks and the government that stays behind them. 

In the last few months a violent campaign of several paramiliraty groups, backed by the Mexican state resulted in attacking, threatening and intimidating peaceful Zapatista communities. Meanwhile, the state itself continued the policy of holding political prisoners and caged with fake alegations new companer@s whose only guilt is rejecting the neoliberal system of opression, poverty and exploitation and creating an alternative to it.

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