Sunday, 23 December 2012

SKA for Chiapas - fundraising concert for San Marcos Aviles

With wild skaning on the rhythm of the band SKA2-D2 and solo concert by S. J. with his banjo, the Zapatista Solidarity Group - Essex continued its fund raising initiative for the community San Marcos Aviles in Chiapas. The gig kicked off in the Colchester bar "Tin Pan Alley" where more than 100 visitors came to listen to the music and support the indigenous struggle in the south of Mexico. 

The community San Marcos Aviles was attacked by paramilitary groups earlier this year in a large government-backed attempt to crackdown Zapatista support bases in the region. The intensified attacks provoked huge international campaign in defence of the victims of government, paramilitary and corporate aggression, including the political prisoners - Alberto Patishtan and Francisco Santiz Lopez. The Essex group participated with making a solidarity video, organising a protest in front of the Mexican embassy in London and two fundraisers. 

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Video from the Event: