Sunday, 4 November 2012

Article on YoSoy132's blog

A brilliant article on our protest against the repressions by the paramilitatires and the Bad Government on the page of our friendsYoSoy132 - Londres, who were there with us:

"Despite the initial YS132 focus was on the fight against the imposition of an illegitimate president and the blatant use of mass media to mislead the population, our stand in solidarity to the groups in resistance in Mexico such as Atenco, Cananea, the SME and the Zapatistas and other indigenous (or Nican Tlaca) groups in resistance, is clearly stated in our manifesto. This is why the movement participated yesterday with Essex Zapatista Solidarity Group and will continue to do so in similar actions, such as to oppose and make life impossible to the oncoming PRI rule in December.
“If we don’t strike up together, who will illuminate this darkness?”
¡ Basta ya !"

The whole article - here!

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