Friday, 15 March 2013

Alter-Globalisation Festival VOL 2

For a second year the Zapatista Solidarity Group - Essex gathered dozens of students for a week of discussions and activities focused on the topic of neo-liberalism, its deadly affects on our society, environment and everyday life and, of course, its alternatives. 

The festival kicked off with a gig by our friend from SKA2D2 and a night of anti-capitalist animation. On Tuesday Ted Benton from the sociology department and the horticulturist Marina O'Connell discussed the paradox and contradiction of the idea of green capitalism. On Wednesday John Holloway presented his theory from the book "Crack capitalism" in an online skype session with more than 30 students, numerous questions and support from the local Food Not Bombs group which organized a vegan stall for the event. The festival culminated with the last session which brought the new Mexican resistance to Essex with speakers from the #Yosoy132 movement. A heated discussion and brilliant presentation raised the bar for the next year's organizers of the festival. 

Video from the event:

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